Individual Therapy

Wanting to focus on individual growth? I’ve found that many people want to improve their overall pursuit of happiness. Sometimes, it means taking a step back and reflecting on self. Connecting with individual therapy means developing a therapeutic alliance with your selected therapist to help align with outlined goals. Oftentimes, my role has been the bearer of emotional weight, providing encouragement and support, and sharing therapeutic tools that will move you closer towards well-being and growth.

What happens in a session? It is your right to approve any technique or intervention that is utilized in your treatment. Therefore, any intervention or technique will focus on areas that you feel need most care. Depending on age-range (child to adult), interventions are age-appropriate. Sometimes this could range from art, written mediums, relaxation training, emotion scaling, and/or thought work to manage unwanted thoughts. The most common occurrence is talking about specific areas of distress. This helps you to identify, recognize, and label experiences in a way that is unpracticed, but provides insight and self-awareness.

***Please note that if you are aware of needed testimony related to custody hearing, custody/access disputes, visitation, and/or divorce proceedings that this falls outside of Built for Mental WELLNESS scope of practice. Referrals can be provided for other providers that are better suited to this need.

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