Communication is the Key

“Speak up for yourself” “State clearly your message” “Time what you have to say” “Mind your tone” There are so many things that we hear on how to communicate effectively. There is probably a ton of more things that can be given in quotes. Communication is key is as interchangeable as the key is communication.Continue reading “Communication is the Key”

Parents and the Pandemic

Being quarantined since March is impacting parents. At least this is my experience since working therapeutically with parents. This adjustment to new routines and schedules that weren’t previously there. Accounting for loss time, running on autopilot with your kids, and stressing to perform new roles that weren’t necessarily the priority before the pandemic. How areContinue reading “Parents and the Pandemic”

Introducing Zandy Evans, LMFT

I am a clinician that works with families, couples, and individuals, predominantly online due to Covid-19. Recently, I have become more interested in speaking about relational connections. This could be within relationships, parenting, or friendships. Each of these take some sort of interchange, and giving others more space and time to intentionally attend this isContinue reading “Introducing Zandy Evans, LMFT”

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