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TF CBT is a potential modality of treatment for those that have experienced a traumatic event. Traumatic event meaning faced with death, serious injury, sexual violence, or loss of a close caregiver suddenly. This could also include learning about these events happening to a close person, or witnessing it happen to someone else.


Said individual is now experiencing a change in functioning related to:

  • Unwanted thoughts about what happened
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Avoidance of things that may remind them about the scary event
  • Negative thoughts and feelings since the scary event
  • More “on edge” since the scary event, such as watchful of surroundings
  • Changes to sleeping patterns (i.e., location, lighting, length of sleep)
  • Body responses to external/internal stress related to racing heart, stomach issues, or headaches

TF CBT will address above concerns through several components that focus on relaxation, self-soothing through emotional intensity, and addressing negative thoughts. This modality of treatment also allows the individual to give voice to the scary event in a way they were previously unable to. This is often decided with the individual as their own form of self-expression.

***It is important to note… Even though TF CBT may sound like the best form of treatment, every treatment modality isn’t always the right “fit” or most appropriate for every individual. Therefore, your clinician will assess and determine the best modality using their clinical judgement. Some considerations for this model includes; age of individual, memory of the scary event, current environmental considerations, and ability to complete the modality.

TF CBT is a widely utilized modality that is effective in reducing emotional and behavioral experiences as a result to a traumatic event. This treatment has been researched predominantly with ages 3 to 18, and built specifically for that age range. It is a weekly form of treatment that is typically completed between 4 to 6 months.

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