Family Therapy

The purpose of family therapy relates back to interactions and overall functional ability of the family unit. When you picture your family, what comes to mind? Where is the peace? Where is the distress? Families are dynamic and each goes through their own process to stabilize functioning. But what if, what you’ve done before to stabilize your family isn’t working?

When initiating family therapy, we will identify the family members as the unit to receive treatment. This means that if you are looking to be the catalyst for the start of sessions, then be thinking about everyone apart of the solution but also part of the concern. Within session, there can be versatile work done surrounding the following:

  • Dyadic or triadic exercises
  • Family mapping
  • Enactments

If you believe family therapy is what your family needs. Here are a list of common reasons that families link for this medium of treatment:

group of people making toast
  • Divorced and working to co-parent
  • Behavioral/Emotional Outbursts of Children
  • Structuring Family Boundaries/Roles
  • Grief/Trauma
  • Blending Families (Fostering/Adoption/Step-families)
  • Poor relational functioning with members of the family

***Please note that if you are aware of needed testimony related to custody hearing, custody/access disputes, visitation, and/or divorce proceedings that this falls outside of Built for Mental WELLNESS scope of practice. Referrals can be provided for other providers that are better suited to this need.

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