Parents and the Pandemic

Being quarantined since March is impacting parents. At least this is my experience since working therapeutically with parents. This adjustment to new routines and schedules that weren’t previously there. Accounting for loss time, running on autopilot with your kids, and stressing to perform new roles that weren’t necessarily the priority before the pandemic. How are you faring? It is okay to acknowledge that you are struggling, and that your interactions have changed with your kids….sometimes not for your personal better. However, here are some things that could help.

  1. Take inventory of self. This basically means to remember to take care of yourself. You do this by increasing your own awareness to your present experience. Mind and Body! Acknowledge and Accept this experience to be in fact happening. Picture that you are shining a flashlight on dark places, which no longer have the benefit of hiding from you. As adults we have a responsibility to learn how to make our own light versus staying in the dark. Relax after you do this, you only could attend this for 5 minutes and then relax for 5 minutes.
  2. Tune-Into Your Child. If you were uncomfortable taking inventory, then imagine your child’s experience. Now most children are pretty resilient and they take to change more easily. Having guidance from their parents and engaging in intentional recognition of their experience could go a long way. If you think your child is struggling, could you voice that in a way that could begin discussion?
  3. Plan Your Interaction. This simply means that you will identify opportunities to connect with your child. It is so easy to become distant, leave them to their own devices, or keep to daily routines that leave more to be desired for intentional interactions.

Parents, please comment on what you are doing to stay connected with your kids during these unprecedented times.

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